Hi and welcome to Red Bard Games. We are a young company dedicated to create miniatures and games in fantasy and sci-fi settings. 

  • NEW RELEASES! : This January we are releasing a bunch of new miniatures, including orc boar riders unit, orc shaman on boar, separated orc shields and an Orc Army Deal!
  • NEW (Better) PRICES! : We have adjusted some of the prices on our shop to match our producction costs, so some sets will have their prices permanently lowered!
  • NEW PROMO FOR OLD CUSTOMERS! : We want to thank the people who trusted us on our first year. If you bought us any miniature on 2020 (Including our Kickstarter campaign), you will receive a free miniature of the “Ogre Mercenary Paykeeper” on the next physical purchase on our shop! Just let us know on the comments! This miniature will be only available for old customers or on the “Orc Army Deal” and wont be sold separately!
  • NEW YEAR´S GIFT: Finally, check our shop to download for free our “Orc Banner” drawn by our friend “Huargo”! The banner comes in different versions, coloured, inked and only line (to paint it on top).

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